The Gray Divorce Revolution

More couples over the age of 50 are divorcing than ever before.

This is not like any other divorce book you have ever read. “The Gray Divorce Revolution” is a must read for seniors going through divorce.  It will make you laugh, it will make you cry and help get you to the other side!

Those experiencing “Gray Divorce” will learn and understand they are not alone, be encouraged to re-evaluate themselves, their relationships, and their choices, and finally have the resources to help them not only survive but move joyfully into the next phase of life after divorce.

Section 1: Naked & Unafraid: Six True Stories of Living, Lies, & Loving Again

Section 2: Naked & Unafraid: Divorce, Relationships, & Love

Section 3: Naked & Unafraid: Starting Over, Creating Your Best Life, & 7 Steps to Heal a Broken Heart

Readers will use this book over and over as a Resource Guide for building their Thriving Best Life after divorce.

Why this book and why now…

One in four people getting divorced in the United States are over age 50, and over half of those happen after 20 Years of marriage!  I can relate to why more couples are divorcing at older ages than ever before and highlight the positive sides of divorce. I have engaged in hundreds of conversations with those experiencing divorce and can give insight into what single seniors are looking for in new relationships.

I will also provide readers with my best tips and strategies on how to get through the process: from reinventing yourself to boosting your confidence, to getting you back into the dating game and becoming your happiest and best self.

 ~ Tricia Scimone