The Happy Bootcamper

Is Sadness Weighing You Down?  Would you like to experience more happiness or joy?

Learn to be happy in 3 easy steps. Join the “HAPPY BOOTCAMPER” session today for just one payment of $99.00

We will engage in 3 33 minute sessions.  3-3-3 is a sign that you’ve reached a crossroad. It’s time to make a decision. There is something in your life that needs alignment and balance, something that needs a resolution. Maybe it is overcoming the pain of divorce, coming to terms with a family situation or resolving a personal issue.  Whatever it is, I promise you will feel differently by the end of our 3 sessions.  Click on the link here to reserve your spot …

Don’t have a paypal account no worries, just scroll down and click on paywith debit or credit card which allows you to sign in as a guest. Once you join the Happy Bootcamper program, I’ll be contacting you to schedule the actual dates for the 3 sessions. 

If you have more questions, please feel free to call me directly at 917-747-2095 or email

I can’t wait to meet you, Tricia

Tricia Scimone

Wounded Healer

The Gray Divorce Revolution

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